Magic in your pocket! Each Mini-Mantra Icon is business card sized, and can fit perfectly into your wallet for an added boost of confidence, self-love, or whatever it is that you are trying to cultivate in your life.


The 4-Pack comes with the ‘I Am My Own Girl Crush’, ‘I’ve Got This’, ‘Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff’ and ‘I Do What I Love’ Mantra icons.

Each Mantra Icon is an abstracted mantra based on sigil magic. These unique symbols are created from the letterforms of each mantra and can be used to bring their individual energies into your world.

The colors and patterns within these icons have been carefully chosen and hold a very specific significance and energetic vibration:

• Light Pink: Femininity.
• Bright Pink: Heart Centered Strength.
• Yellow: Confidence, Optimism, and Success.
• Blue: Truth and Cleansing.
• Green: Heart Chakra, but also Growth and Safety.
• Orange: Warmth, Determination, Security, Comfort, and Happiness.
• Deep Pink: Love and Passion.

• Circles are whole and limitless. Just like you.
• The Bacterio Pattern is kind of like when you wear a really crazy outfit that you wouldn’t normally wear. But you feel awesome, because you're totally owning it.
• The grid screens out the bad vibes.
• Confetti. Because life is a party when you do what you love.

Each Mini-Mantra Icon 4 Pack comes infused with Reiki. In addition, it also comes with instructions to help you connect with your personal intention and your new Mantra Icons.

Size: 3.5" x 2”
Soft Touch Matte Heavyweight Paper

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