From the office, to the gym, and everywhere in between. This kit has what you need to be a boss with the power of magic on your side. Each kit contains a heavy duty canvas tote, a pocket notebook, an enamel pin, and a special edition raised gloss mini mantra icon card.


The ‘Like A Boss’ Mantra Icon is an abstracted mantra based on sigil magic. This unique and powerful symbol created from the letterforms of ‘Like A Boss’ can be used as a tool to cultivate confidence, drive, and success in your life.

The colors and pattern within this kit have been carefully chosen and hold a very specific significance and energetic vibration:

• Black: Represents Strength and Substance.
• Dark Grey: Signifies Sophistication and Grace.

• Sometimes you need to carb up (mind, body, and spirit) using a macaroni print so you can be your baddest bitch and take care of business.

Each Kit comes infused with Reiki. In addition, it also comes with a brief instructional guide to help you connect with your personal intention and your new Mantra icons.

Tote — Size: 15” x 16”, 100% Cotton Canvas
Pocket Notebook — Size: 3.875” x 5.5”, Pages: 48, Lined
Enamel Pin — Size: .6” x .6”
Mini-Mantra Icon Card — Size: 3.5” x 2”, Soft Touch Matte Heavyweight Paper with Raised Gloss