Release Intention Candle

Release Intention Candle


Let go of what no longer serves you with the Release Intention Candle. This candle can be used for releasing thought patterns, relationships, a job, or anything that you’re ready to move past.

Comes inside of a reusable muslin gift bag for safekeeping.


Smells like:
Fresh citrus and black currant. These two scents come together to create a squeaky clean and refreshing scent.

- Hand-Poured 100% Soy Wax Candle
- 9 oz.
- 55 to 60 hour burn time
- Please note that since these candles are hand-poured that there may be minor inconsistencies or imperfections from one candle to the next.


How to use for Ritual Purposes:
Hold your candle, close your eyes, and deeply meditate on your intention. Imagine your intention flowing through your body, and into the candle. Once you feel like you have focused on your intention for long enough, open your eyes, and light your candle. Repeat this process each time you light your candle. Your ritual is complete once your candle has burned down. 

*Tip: Never blow out your candle, always snuff it out. This will keep your intention contained within the candle, instead of blowing it away from you.