A print with a secret symbol (that only you know!) that you can hang in your office, living room, or anywhere you need to know that you've got this.


The ‘I’ve Got This’ Mantra Mantra Icon Print is a unique and powerful symbol created from sigil magic using the letterforms of ‘I’ve Got This’ can be used as a tool cultivate more confidence, and self-assurance.

The colors and pattern within this print have been carefully chosen and hold a very specific significance and energetic vibration:

• Yellow: Signifies Confidence, Optimism, and Success.
• Orange: Represents Warmth, Security, and Comfort.

• The Bacterio Pattern is kind of like when you wear a really crazy outfit that you wouldn’t normally wear. But you feel awesome, because you're totally owning it.

Each Mantra Icon comes infused with Reiki. In addition, it also comes with a brief instructional guide to help you connect with your personal intention and your new Mantra icons.

Size: 12"x16"
Screen Printed on 100lb. Paper