Spectra 2020: Oops Edition

Spectra 2020: Oops Edition

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The Oops Edition contains several astrological key date errors, and comes with a downloadable PDF of revised key dates. Otherwise, these calendars are in perfect condition.

Spectra 2020 explores the history and myths surrounding the symbolism commonly used in Western Astrology. From the Greecian origins of the twins of Gemini to the Ancient Egyptian correlations with Aquarius, this calendar takes a dive into each sign in the zodiac and its symbology.


Each astrological symbol is illustrated using lush, vibrant colors, and minimalist geometric details offering a modern twist on these ancient images.

The calendar also takes note of astrological transits like Moon Phases, Mercury Retrogrades, and more so you can have a holistic view of the month ahead.

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11ā€ x 16ā€ ā€” 13 pages