Year of Color Kit

Year of Color Kit


Kick-off 2021 with everything that you'd ever want to know about the magic of color, all in one spot! This kit contains both Spectra 2021 + Color, Form, and Magic. Two handy resources to aid in your creative and spiritual journey.


Spectra 2021 is a calendar that focuses on the magic of astrology and color.

Every sign in the zodiac has its own unique color palette, which is a direct reflection of the psychological traits imbued in each astrological sign. In this calendar, we’ll take a dive into each sign’s characteristics and map them to the emotional resonance of color. Each month features subtle abstract gradient illustrations, and also offers supportive thought and action prompts based on the energetic traits of each sign.

In addition, Spectra 2021 also takes note of moon phases and other astrological transits so you can get a holistic view of the month ahead.


We all use Color, Form, and Magic on a daily basis, from very creative acts like drawing and painting to daily tasks like choosing what to wear. But rarely do we get a chance to break it down and examine how to use color and form for our own healing and manifestation purposes.

This book explores the psychological meanings behind colors and basic shapes and offers a modern take on traditional symbols used in magic. It also goes over the methodology for creating custom symbols for manifestation and healing, as well as guidelines and ideas for the contemporary magic practice including moon cycles, meditation, and altar building.