A magical secret print that you can hang in your bedroom, in your love bagua (that's the southwest corner of your home), or wherever you might need an extra boost of self-love.


The ‘I Am My Own Girl Crush’ Icon is a unique and powerful symbol created from sigil magic using the letterforms of ‘I Am My Own Girl Crush’ can be used as a tool cultivate, strength, and compassion for and within yourself.

The colors and pattern within this print have been carefully chosen and hold a specific significance and energetic vibration:

• Light Pink: Represents Femininity
• Bright Pink: Signifies Heart Centered Strength.

• Circles are whole and limitless. Just like you.

Each Mantra Icon comes infused with Reiki. In addition, it also comes with a brief instructional guide to help you connect with your personal intention and your new Mantra icons.

Size: 12"x16"
Screen Printed on 100lb. Paper